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Privacy Policy

This page details how we handle your data, and how you can control what we do with it.

Data We Collect

When visiting leavenoprints.com we may indirectly and anonymously collect your IP Address, Browser, Operating System, and Browser User Agent String for the purpose of determining the number of users to the site, as well as determining the geographical and technical distribution of our potential users.

Data You Submit

If you submit data in our form, we will also collect your name, your email address; no other information is collected directly from you.

How We Use Your Data

We'll use this information to add you to our list of interested customers, send you regular update newsletters that include an opt-out link, and let you know when our service is ready to use.

How We Share Your Data

We promise not to transfer the information that we hold on you to any third party service where such a transfer is not directly required for us to perform our core business.

Third Party Partners

We partner with a number of third parties to allow us to operate the service. All of these partners will have their own privacy policies and terms of use that you will be required to agree to use their services.

When you click through to a third party brand or store we will keep a record of this visit, as will the third party. The third party will keep a record of what you purchase, and furnish us with enough details to determine that a purchase has been made. This may include the item purchased, the cost of the item, and the total amount spent. It will include relevant timing details of visits and purchases.

Direct Contact

If you have indicated that you wish to take part in the Beta by signing up, then we may contact you directly via email.

Opt Out

Emails we send will include information on how to opt out of any future communication.

You can also contact joe@leavenoprints.com directly if you wish for your data to be deleted.

Clarification and Transparency

We're trying to keep this privacy policy as simple as possible, so it's easier for you to know what we are doing with your data.

To be clear, we are collecting enough data to allow us to create a service using existing technologies that are regularly used on the web. We are trying our best not to gather more data than we need, but in some instances our partners collect more information for the purposes of validating purchases and preventing fraud.

If in doubt, please reach out.


That's all for now! This policy is likely to change regularly as we grow, so please check back regularly. If you are registered with the mailing list, we will indicate when and why these changes happen.

Last Updated: Aug 25th 2021